How to Restore NJ License & Pay License Fee Online?

If you are a New Jersey state resident, you may need restoration driving licenses. That arises for various reasons, and all you need is to Restore your NJ License. In the first instance, you require to restore it if it’s expired. Secondly, you require to restore it if you were serving a suspension of it.

Note: The NJ MVC handles all issues about licenses, their installations, and fees in New Jersey. NJ MVC is the acronym for New Jersey motor vehicle commission.

NJ MVC is the statutory body accredited to issue driver’s licenses in the state of New Jersey. For license expiry, drivers require appearing in person. It’s for renewal for security reasons. This guide will discuss the fine details of restorations of NJ licenses. For any reason,  we’ll guide you on the steps required to pay for your license online.

How Much is Restore NJ License License and Restoration Fees?

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission has stipulations for license restoration. You part with a fee of $100 to start a request for the restoration of a driver’s license. Click on this link to help you pay online. In all payments, it’s best to include the driver’s license number. You may also pay in person where are motor vehicle agency that offers full-service the road. In case you want faster mail resources, you may send a money order or a check payable to the NJ MVC. In that case, please remember to attach the lower part of your suspension notice.

Restore NJ License

Address all Money Orders or Checks to:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O. Box 140

Trenton, NJ 08650-0140

In case You missed the bottom portion of your suspension notice,  please send it to an alternate address as below:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

P.O. Box 134

Trenton, NJ 08650-0134

Tips to Help You Restore NJ License Faster:

Settlement of Previous NJ Traffic Tickets

Please bear in mind that your renewal fee payment is doesn’t mean outright issuance. Authorities have to review issues before a license restoration in New Jersey. There are other vital issues that you have to iron out. And that one Falls under the responsibility of the driver in concern.

In the first instance, the driver has to prove the payment of outstanding tickets or fines. Ensure that you have served all suspension notice periods. You will receive end notices via your email address. And, of course, you have to settle early payments in line with that.

Note: If your license was surrendered or had expired, NJ MVC provides you apply for a new one. You apply as if it’s your first time applying.

Full Payment of Parking Tickets- Including Number Plates not Within your ownership

NJ MVC does not issue I collect payments for parking tickets. That is a rule of the New Jersey municipal courts. To settle parking tickets, follow the rulings by the municipal courts. The payment models including include:

  • paying in person or,
  • paying online.

If you have lost documents for a parking ticket, contact the issuing Municipal Court. Errors happen, and you may receive tickets for vehicles or Prince that you do not own. Under such an incident, you need to provide proof to the municipal courts concerned. Remember to reach out to NJ MVC with your new plate numbers and your driver’s license number.

Send your letter the recipe but the tickets to the address below: 

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Customer Advocacy Office
P.O. Box 403
Trenton, New Jersey 08666-0403

On their part, the NJ MVC will complete their search for records and document them for future occurrences.

Vehicle Registrations

NJ MVC  offers the following guides to operate a motor vehicle in New Jersey State:

That above a valid vehicle registration, owners cover set limits of liability.  That’s taken care of via a valid insurance contract.

If lost, you can replace the insurance with a valid copy of the original certificate.

Yet, please note that NJ MVC will reject any faulty copies of certificates. In better words,  you may not provide a certificate for a canceled policy.

To provide proof of your insurance certificate, please send a copy of your active policy. It’s the declaration page documenting the policy number and the name of the vehicle covered.

Here is the email or mail address:

FAX: 609-777-3178 or 609-777-3179
Email: [email protected]
US Mail to the NJMVC, PO BOX 132, Trenton, NJ 08666

The Points System – Know How it Works to Keep or Restore NJ License 

New Jersey’s state provides a schedule all the points system to a flag out and accumulates the point over time. Driver charges are base on the number of points a driver accumulates over time. Law enforcers look up the record and our deal the points. And, essentially, it’s based on your driver history. Here is a link to comprehensive records of fouls and the commensurate points.

Keynotes on the points system in  New Jersey state:

If you accumulate more than six points within three years, you qualify for a surcharge or a fine. Next, if your accumulation is more than 12 points within the same duration,  it amounts to a surcharge. Your driver’s license gets suspended. And, you should receive a commensurate notification via your record email address. Also, your insurer graduates their premiums according to how risky the ratio as a driver. So contact your insurance for such details.

How To Shed Off the Points and Restore NJ License?

The only surefire way to shed off the points is to drive error-free instead without making any variations. Also, you may want to explore several programs to help you reduce the points on your driver’s license violations. Below is a detailed table of the programs to help you reduce the points:

One year through with nil violations/suspensions-3Year starting on the date of either the violation or the most recent  License restoration.
Attend a Defensive Drivers  Program-2You may only use this way to reduce points once every five years.
Attend a Drivers Improvement Program-3You may also explore this once every twenty months. Also, it should comply with an action proposal to the MVC.
Attend a Probationary Driver Program-3You can only complete this once and upon the order of the MVC to attend to it.

Note: All moving violations made outside of the state of New Jersey are assessed as (39:5D-4) or two (2) points.

Other categories of Driving violations

DUI or Driving under Influence

  • According to state laws in New Jersey, no driver shield work with a blood-alcohol concentration exceeding 8%. And the same is applicable for those who control boats. 
  • Also, the cohort of drugs expands to cover narcotics hallucinogenic substances or any other substances that affect an average person’s habits. 
  • State laws bind that allowing affected persons(DUI) and are guided by statutes Statutes with mandatory guidelines relating to the same. 

DUI Penalties

Any faults relating to the USA New Jersey or penalize Apple as follows: 

  • Payments of fines, fees, or surcharges
  • Suspension of  license
  • Ignition interlock devices
  • Serving jail times
  • The requirement to render mandatory community services
  • Completing a program specifically for Intoxicated Drivers.

How to Pay for the Surcharges and Restore NJ License?

The NJ MVC provides a schedule for all the surcharges. Follow this link for more detailed and updated info.

Send all surcharge payments to  New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJ SVS). Here a link to the NJ SVS portal. Any payments sent to NJ MVC are always returned to the sender.

Monthly surchage statements are sent to you via a billing notice monthly. The billing comes with an envelope for you to make payments.

Drivers are advised never to send cash payments via mail while paying to Restore NJ License .

Explore any of the ways below to settle your surcharges payments:

  • Use a debit/credit card or an e-check and or pay online via
  • Pay with  your debit/credit card  and link up via  the  phone  toll-free line (844) 424-6829
  • Pay  cash: Visit any Western Union PayPoint location within New Jersey or any place in the US
  • Send in a check or money order- should be  payable to the  NJSVS via the address below:


P.O. Box 1502

Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704

If you’re interested in exploring a payment plan, please call (844) 424-6829, And you can get more information regarding your voice.

Summing Everything Up – Restore NJ License 

This comprehensive resource helps drivers in New Jersey to restore their driving licenses. In finer details, we’ve seen how a driver can pay their license fees online (Restore NJ License ). We’ve also seen some issues where New Jersey state may withhold your driver’s license. Federal law supersedes that of New Jersey, and drivers need to adhere to the points system.

Safe driving ensures 0 or not more than 6 points surcharges. Lucky enough, New Jersey under the  NJ SVS allows drivers to pay via a variety of modes. It’s worth noting that surcharges are handled by the municipal courts and their NJ SVS. As such, NJ MVC limits its activities to motor vehicle registrations.