Pay NJ EZ Pass Bill Online and Buy E-Z pass

New Jersey residents have had to pay for the use of toll areas within the state roads. The document used to request payments is the NJ E-Z pass bill. And in case you are wondering, but there are various ways for settling the bill. If not by cash, you can do it online. In actual terms, every time you pass through a toll collection station in New Jersey. All bills have the stickers for appending to your rear mirror of the vehicle. The bill is an EZ Pass tag. It comprises a unique identifier. Plus, it allows for technological linkage to your bank accounts, credit or debit cards. In this post, we will be covering how to pay your New Jersey EZ Pass bill online.

How to Pay NJ EZ Pass bill online?

Paying your NJ EZ Pass bill online is possible. It’s the easiest way to do it. Also, note that you may also use the same method to pay for other violations.

Another point to note is that you only have 7 Days To pay all set up all your NJ EZ Pass bills.

Next, let’s go with point-by-point procedures to pay for the NJ EZ pass bills online:

  • Start by navigating to the MJ E-Z pass deals online portal. Click on the following link

Make sure you land on the page similar to the image below

ez pass image on sign in and sign out

Next, click on the login tab. Register or sign up is for new account opening.

Thus, if you already have an account or you need is to log in.

Next, please provide your username; it’s the account name you used to log in, which will be the number of your vehicle tag.

Next, please provide the password to your account.

And, remember to provide the security message as the portal directs you to provide.

Finally, click on the login button.

It’s worth noting that you must open one before the EZ pass system to allow you to make payments.

The above applies if you do not have an account.

Payment Procedure:

  • Look up at the left of your screen, and you notice the one-time payment button. Please click on it.

  • Next, you’ll need to enter the amount you want to pay in dollars. Once you click on the – make the payment button, that’s it. You are through.

Note: To settle the E-Z pass using the online payment model, you must have an NJ pass account.

Let’s cover the procedure for opening the Angel pass account below:

Locate the left of your bottle and note the top marked sign up for E-Z pass. Click on it to sign up.

Next, be sure you specify to open an individual account. You have to agree to all the terms and conditions.

Next, you have to fill out the form online. You can do it online, or you have the alternative to print it and fill it offline.

If you want to continue with the online option, go ahead and click on the button with the option –  enroll online.

Be careful the time it takes you on their landing page.

You only have the utmost 15 minutes to provide the information needed from your end. And that is for system privacy reasons.

The following pages will come up. And each will need you to provide information for:

  • Communication of your fuel vehicle information.

  • Your vehicle repayment calculations.

  • Your account replacement options and finally the customer agreements.

Finally, your account should be ready for making payments online.

Please note that after every 30 days, all your bills will come via email to you. So you can request email bills,  and It’s subject to some costs.

How to Buy an E-Z pass?

As a driver in New Jersey, you are free to take any of the toll routes provided you have purchased an E-Z pass.

And the beauty is, you can do it online. That helps you avoid the long cash queues.

It saves you time, and you can use any of the routes and settle the bills for the toll roads later.


The process of buying an easy pass is straightforward.

Follow the following steps:

  • First, you have to access the And ensure that you have a valid account there.

  1. And you need to meet all the requirements. Bear in mind that you can either apply for an individual or a commercial pass.

  1. Also, note that the vehicle concerned must not be more than 7000 pounds. More so, it should have single rear tires.

  1. In case you go for a commercial EZ pass, you are not limited to the 7000  pounds on the weight. And you can get many tickets from one account.

  • The E-Z pass requires that you provide personal data. It includes your credit card information.
  • It will help you in funding your account. personal data includes names and addresses of all vehicles registered under your name

  1. And you have to select according to plan out of three options available:
  2. The standard plan or the through-way your plan.
  3. And finally the Commuter plan with its optional discount.

  • Finally, review all your submissions and accept the terms and conditions.


In case you feel uncomfortable providing all the above information online.

You can download the entire form.

Ensure you fill its blanks and mail it to the authorities Using the address below:

New Jersey E-Z Pass Customer Service Center, P.O. Box 52001, Newark, NJ 07101-8201.

Frequently asked questions

How much does EZ Pass cost in NJ?

An EZ pass will cost you $13 as a driver in New Jersey on your first month.

Note: You’ll need to pay $1 every month for the service fee. Plus $1 for your bi-monthly statements.

If you are a new customer, you’ll be required to provide a refundable $10 deposit for every tag.  You can replenish your account via either method: by check or cash.



At any time, you’d be required to keep a minimum balance of the last $25 on your account.

Does EZ Pass charge a monthly fee?

If you have an EZ pass under monthly plans, you’ll pay $1 every other month. The other viable way past the monthly fees is exploring other plans.

One of the plans is obtaining an annual  EZ pass.

Can I buy EZ Pass at a toll booth in NJ?

Yes, you can buy an EZ pass at any toll booth with a New Jersey. But, it would be best if you were wary of the long queues. The other downside for you is, it may require you to have exact cash on your hand. There’s no time for asking for change at the booths.

How much Does EZ Pass Cost at Walmart?

I need that purse at Walmart would cost $2 41. That gives you dollars 35 Intel balance of $3 for an annual fee of $3 for convenience.

Does NJ EZ Pass have an app?

Yes, the New Jersey EZ pass has a mobile app.

It helps you:

  • add money to your account

  • checking the balance

  • editing registered vehicles

  • and paying all your tall fee charges

The app also helps you view a current list of all active transport transponders.

However, note that this app works with New Jersey only.

How do I add money to my NJ EZ Pass?

There are three options to add money to your E-Z pass account.

  • For one, you can work with automatic bank payments.

  • You can also work with debit Credit or check cards to replenish your E-Z pass account.

  • You can also add cash in person Or use a personal check.

How do I pay my NJ EZ pass fine online?

You can settle payments for EZ pass fines online can be made via this link. The link is only accessible by residents within NJ. Also, you can pay using an EZ pass account or this other link.

Bear in mind, though; you have the right to file for appeals if you believe the fining is wrong.

When making payment, you will need to provide the following:

  • The Notice number
  • The License of your Vehicles plate

How do I find out if I owe EZ pass?

It’s easy to find out if you owe EZ pass any amounts. The EZ pass system sends you emails with breakdowns of the toll fees. The statement comprises your payments and the final account balance not spent.

There’s also another option to check how much you owe for the  EZ pass account.

Use a phone that is automatic by calling toll number 1-800-333-TOLL(8655).

nj turnpike authority

Putting everything Together on NJ EZ Pass

The best way to handle NJ EZ Pass is to check how much you owe and pay online. Amounts you owe may, in some instances, include the fines you’ve been charged.

To access the records and even pay online, it needs you to open an EZ Pass online account. The account you open helps you get online account summaries of all your payments and pending balances.

Lastly, you can check above there and see if any FAQs can help resolve queries on costs, fines, and the phone numbers you can get in touch with to get help.