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Things keep changing with times and technology. You must not queue to settle your NJ surcharge payments in New Jersey State. First, you can establish the amounts right from the comfort of your home. And further, explore payment methods to settle the payments. In this post, I’ll take you through the finer details of settling the NJ surcharges online.

A holder of a driver’s license in New Jersey is responsible for their NJ Surcharges payments. And it applies whenever one resides in New jersey on not. The consequence of moving out of New Jersey affects their holder-ship of driver’s license.  When moving out of NJ, you need to surrender the license to authorities.

How to Pay NJ Surcharge  Online?

Payment of NJ surcharges online is straightforward. Visit the official NJ Surcharge Payment website. Here is the link to follow Select the payment method and make the surcharge payment. The beauty of paying your NJ surcharges online arises from the variety of ways you can use to pay:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • e-checks

Before you can settle the NJ surcharges, you must know some essential prerequisites.:

  • What is your driver’s license number?
  • Have your surcharge number?
  • What is the surcharge number?
  • In case you have an installment plan in place, have your number?
  • And finally, have the notice number.

Here is the page to help you pay the NJ Surcharges online. Click in the image, and it’ll redirect you to the payment page.

Other NJ Surcharge payment methods

Please note that you are not limited to pain your NJ surcharges online. there are other methods that you can use to pay,  and those include:

  • paying via telephone
  • Paying via mail
  • Paying in person

Pro Point:

When paying by mail,  address the claimants to “NJ SVS.”  you are advised never to send in cash via mail. Include the lower foil of your bill, and remember to include your driver’s license number on it. Send mail payments to the following address:

  • New Jersey Surcharge Violation System
  • P.O. Box 1502 Moorestown,
  • NJ 08057-9704

If delivering your payment in person, Present yourself at any NJ  MVC service centre.

Wondering How NJ Surcharge is Calculated?

It is the role of the NJ SVS to calculate and notify drivers of their surcharge dues. The NJS  VS is responsible for keeping all driver records. And three years, they look at any driver who has accumulated six or more points. Calculation of the points takes place from the day an update is made on Records’ driver history.


The basis of calculating surcharges is as follows:

  • 6 points are charged for  $150.
  • Any point above the initial six is charged $ 25.

 You can refer to the following NJ Surcharge list for finer details if your fouls with driving.

Note 1:

  • Drivers have an opportunity to reduce their surcharge points every 12 months. They are courses like defensive driver programs.
  • As well, the driver improvement program, which helps you reduce your points.
  • It’s worth noting  the following:
  • Any points reduction within 12 months is not put into consideration. Surcharging looks at the fouls and not remedies at any year.

Note 2:

The other driver offenses that are liable for a surcharge are billed annually. And they schedule the charges for a three-year duration.

surcharge brochure

Following is a list of search offenses:

  • Picking an offense as an unlicensed driver calls for a charge of dollars 100 per year.
  • If you’re found driving without valid insurance, your charge is also dollars 100 per year.
  • In case you are found driving while the court has suspended your license, your charge is $250 per year. 
  • In case you are found driving a motor vehicle with no liability insurance, it’s a foul. NJ SVS will charge $250 is applicable per year.

Every driver is liable for the payment of their surcharges. And that applies even in situations when they’ve moved out of New Jersey.

Also, charges remain payable under some circumstances. Those include even in cases where your licenses, insurance, or registrations are valid.

Surcharges remain applicable across drivers from any US State.  It does not count whether a driver obtained the license from outside of New Jersey State.

Under some circumstances, an errant driver may file for bankruptcy. And it’s worth noting – filing for bankruptcy does not waive you from paying your surcharges. It’s best to reach out to the authorities and know the exact status.

Surcharges  Ford deals on the date indicated on the bills sent to you via email.  The best way to handle surcharges is to pay as billed.  In case one has a shortage of funds, there is leeway’s to explore.

Reach out to the authorities to negotiate for an  IPP or installment payment plan.

You should call the number l (844) 424-6829  to discuss your installment payment plan.

In case a driver has any questions regarding the surcharges,  they are free to reach out.  You can always drop a mail to the following address:

NJ Surcharge Violation Billing Office

P.O. Box 1502 Moorestown,

NJ 08057-9704

A driver is also free to reach out to the billing office by your telephone.  Call the following number during working hours (844) 424-6829. Please note that working hours are scheduled from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. All your calls to the number should be related to surcharges only.

The most straight forward information you can get relates to:

  • How much you owe in the form of surcharges
  • Also, you can get to know when you made your very last payment.

Also, you can reach out buy an automatic telephone, which works 7 days a week for 24 hours each day.


How to Pay NJ Traffic Ticket Online?

Paying for your NJ Traffic online is far beneficial. Aside from the time taken in  physical queuing. It saves you the time you waste following queues. Consequently, it allows you to sort something more urgent.  Or you can do it from the comfort of your office chairs or couch at home.

Welcome to New Jersey Surcharge Violation System (NJSVS)

In some circumstances, the online payment model is the only avenue for some. For instance, drivers serving in military posts overseas. It could also help if a driver is serving prison sentences.

Take Away

We’ve covered the step-by-step process to help you settle your NJ surcharges online. Apart from that, we’ve also covered – the bit on how NJ SVS calculates your surcharges. Get to know more. You notice that while online surcharge payment is straightforward – there are other viable options.

It depends on your choice of Acer drivers. If you do not have the time,  great, go for the online option. In case you are available in person, no problem. Finally, you can also settle your  NJ  and surcharges via mail. There are specific details specific to each of the payment models. And it would be best if you looked out for whenever you choose any of the options.