Register a Car in New Jersey : Step By Step Guide

What does it take to own or register a car in New Jersey?

First, you need to know the rules applicable by the relevant State authority. And in this case, it’s the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission or the NJ MVC. As things change over time, motor vehicle owners have to update themselves.  That regards the changes in Laws and procedures.

Vehicle registration in NJ

Payments for Vehicle Registration in New Jersey

New Jersey State provides ten days for a motor vehicle owner to get a motor vehicle title. Failure to that, the owner is liable to pay penalty fees for flouting the ten-day rule.

Right before starting on your motor vehicle registration process, there are prerequisites:

First is how did you buy your vehicle?

It matters where you buy from:

  • From a recognized dealer in New Jersey.

Working with credible dealers will help as they are knowledgeable. They know the finer details of transfers and registrations. It’s their added service to make the customers happy.

  • Or from an individual owner, dealerships, or auctions not within New Jersey.

In this case, it requires the transfer of ownership and title into New Jersey State.

Pro Tip – To Register a Car in New Jersey

In case you buy a motor vehicle without any form of financing, it’s best for you. Your dealer may provide you with a title document to help you transfer into New jersey.

Whenever financing is in the picture, dealers /financiers hold the title to ownership. And that’s until the expiry of repayment periods.

You have the right to start transfer after assuming full ownership of your motor vehicle.

MVC Centres and scheduling appointments

If you are not sure about your ownership, you can schedule appointments with dealers.  Also, you can visit an MVC center nearest to your location.

Note: In case the queue is long for the schedule of appointments, feel free to check on others with shorter queues.

Vehicle Centers

If your target MVC center is closed for one reason or another, reach or to the next one that is operational.

After making appointments, you may need to refresh the details. They could be missing anyway from your emails. It’s pretty simple – use the Resend Confirmation Button on the portal. And remember to use the email you used in the first place to schedule an appointment.

Here is the link to help you check that.

appointment scheduling

Your relevant MVC  will send an email to you detailing the appointment you made earlier.

Here’s a List of What to Provide You’re an Agency

• Place your appointment with a dealer. And verify your details via email confirmation.

• Provide the proof of ownership (NJMVC offer you a ten-day window to get one)

• Provide the details of your Driver’s license or other applicable ID.  (NJMVC also adheres to the 6 points ID verification. And they include:

  • o A primary Id at least
  • o A secondary Id
  • o Your Social security Number – which should you be verifiable
  • o A mailing address
  • o Lastly, provide information if you are a US citizen

• Present your card for insurance in New Jersey or the name of your insurer. You present that in the form of the  name of the company  and a policy number

• Provide documents detailing power of attorney. That applies if someone else apart from the purchaser is in the picture. More so if they are to append signs onto the  transfer documents

• In some cases, the dealers should provide the documents detailing the re-assignments.

• Also, the information about the conveyancing titleholder. It applies if the motor vehicle in question is under a finance agreement or if under the lease.

Other Unique Scenarios of  Vehicle Ownership Before Title application

Is the Buyer a company or an individual?

In that case, you need the MVC-EIN. It’s the Motor Vehicle Commission – Entity Identification Number.

In cases of  buy at auctions, and the exact vehicle has no title:

• Present the last set of documents  for  its  registration

• A bill from a Notary  initiating the sale

• Provide the photograph showing a VIN plate or the vehicle or else a Pencil tracing of it.

It may also happen that the vehicle transfer is from a  state which issues owners with titles. And in that case, it lacks a Tax stamp from an  NJ Dealer.  In that case, the prospective owner of the vehicle has to present a purchase order.

The other scenario is a transfer from a state that issues no titles. The requirements are:

• A Pencil trace or photograph of a VIN plate.

• Notarized document from the seller. And must show the selling price, make, year of manufacture, and the VIN as well.

• The last card for vehicle registration- from the seller.

Payments to Register a Car in New Jersey

Motor Vehicle Vehicle Titling fees

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission provides three application scenarios. Each  has a fee relating to the scenario of registration:

  • The standard fee is $60  for an ordinary registration.
  • The standard fee is $60  for an ordinary registration.
  • The standard fee is $60  for an ordinary registration.

Motor Vehicle Registration fees – Registering a Car in New Jersey.

  • The registration fee varies with the type of vehicle. Also, you should provide the plate numbers for the motor vehicle license for registration.

Motor Vehicle Sales Tax Fees

State authorities charge a fee for providing the services. Tax schedules change over time, and you can always seek the help of the New Jersey Tax Division. Here is a  contact line to get in touch with the personnel for help: 609-984-6206.

There are several modes to  help you make payments to the NJMVC:

  • Use Credit cards
  • Write a check in the name of NJMVC
  •  Or pay in Cash
vehicle reg form

What to do at the agency

  • If transferred from another state, fill out the application for Certificate of Ownership.
  • Provide all the above documents and fees at the Title/Registration counter

Wondering what agency to visit? Here, see a list of agencies.

njmvc centres

Wrapping Up Everything to Register a Car in New Jersey

Owning a car in New Jersey requires you to follow the set regulations by authorities. It matters whether you purchase a vehicle with financing or not. Bear in mind that vehicle financing parties retain ownership until the final settlement of the payment plans.

However, if you get a vehicle via payment on the spot, you must register a Car in New Jersey within 10 (Ten) days. State authorities penalize you for failing to r Register a Car in New Jersey within the set duration.

In case you are dealing with a motor vehicle purchasing agent, they can help you with the registration process. Also, vehicles you buy outside of NJ follow the same process for Registering a Car in New Jersey.